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The Brenta brand boasts a wide range of organic brake pads that combine long lasting performance, minimal disc wear and high brake modulation. For riders who commute or tour on a regular basis they offer a real world choice when compared to 'sports' sintered applications which not only cost far more, but also reduce brake disc longevity. A great choice for every scooter rider too!

This type of compound is produced by combining many fibres including carbon, rubber, glass and Kevlar alongside other materials and high temperature resins. The resins hold all of the other materials together and act like a thermo plastic. There is a lower metallic content than in a sintered compound.

Many 70/80's machines were originally equipped with organic pads and they are particularly suitable for models with cast iron discs. Advantages include low disc wear, a softer 'bite' point (making braking control more user friendly), and low friction noise. Against this a rider should balance faster wear compared to sintered options, more dust, and a longer 'bedding in' period.

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