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Covering off road, motocross and enduro applications. Race development has enabled Brenta off road pads to rank amongst some of the most appreciated braking options available to teams and riders alike across many disciplines, climates and competitions.

These pads have a far higher metallic content than their organic counterparts, they heat up more quickly and remain efficient to higher temperatures. As a premium sintered brake pad the metallic content is evenly, finely and smoothly distributed across the disc facing surface. On a budget alternative you could run your fingers over the pad and feel a far more rough and grainy surface that will act like wire wool on your discs.

Brenta sintered road pads feature high friction levels that are maintained in wet conditions, low tendency to fade when being used in extreme conditions, a short 'bedding in' period, and an easily defined 'biting' point. The downsides must include higher disc temperatures, and therefore more frequent hydraulic fluid changes. Better suited to steel brake discs than their iron counterparts.

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